While KIRK KAPITAL was established in 2007, there is an intriguing history which dates much longer back. The wealth managed by KIRK KAPITAL today has its origins back to 1932. This was the year that Ole Kirk Kristiansen started making wooden toys in his workshop in Billund, Denmark, and from 1934, he sold them as LEGO toys.

The shareholders of KIRK KAPITAL are direct descendants of Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the founder of LEGO, namely Gunhild Kirk Johansen (3rd generation), Casper Kirk Johansen (4th generation), Morten Kirk Johansen (4th generation) and Anders Kirk Johansen (4th generation). 

Since 2007, a part of the Kirk Johansen families’ wealth and business activities have been combined in KIRK KAPITAL. KIRK KAPITAL is primarily a business and investment company which seeks to create a long-term capital return for the benefit of the current shareholders and generations to follow. In addition, KIRK KAPITAL provides investment advice and other family office services to its shareholders and a foundation.