New partnership with The Nissen Family

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Kirk Kapital is partnering with the family behind the cooling solutions company Nissen A/S, placed in Horsens.

Going forward, Kirk Kapital will manage the Nissen family’s assets. The majority of Nissen A/S was acquired over by the private equity fund Axcel in 2017.

The agreement between Kirk Kapital and the Nissen family means that Kirk Kapital increase its portfolio significantly, and the increased asset base benefits both parties in the partnership.

“We are pleased and proud to be partnering with Alan Nissen and his family to manage their assets. The increase in the total asset base will result in cost-effective management for both parties while further enhancing the quality of the management. Finally, both the Nissen family, Kirk Kapital, and Kirk Kapital’s shareholders share the same values”, says Kim Gulstad CEO of Kirk Kapital.

Kirk Kapital currently manages 9 individual portfolios for the Kirk Johansen family. The multi-portfolio management is managed by the Financial Investments team, which is managed by Teis Knuthsen.

Alan Nissen, from the Nissen family, is also looking forward to the collaboration.

“We look forward to working with Kirk Kapital and the wealth management team. We see a strength in the partnership, and expect to achieve high quality asset management while being cost-effective, both internally and in relation to our partners. ” says Alan Nissen.

Contact details

Morten Huse Eikrem-Jeppesen, PressConnect for Kirk Kapital, +45 53 85 07 70