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Kirk Kapital’s new domicile in Vejle will be inaugurated on 9 June. Fjordenhus will be the name of the building that Studio Olafur Eliasson designed.

In June Vejle gets another piece of art. This happens when Kirk Kapital opens the doors to the new domicile, Fjordenhus. It is the world-renowned artist Olafur Eliasson and the architects of his studio who have designed the building, which is the first building that Studio Olafur Eliasson builds.

Fjordenhus is a contraction of “Fjordens hus”, and refers to the location of the building in the water next to Havneøen in Vejle Fjord. It is the artist himself who has named the work of art.

“We are looking forward to presenting Fjordenhus, which we hope will help make Vejle’s harbour environment even more exciting and attractive as a destination for both residents in Vejle, as well as art and architecture-interested tourists from around the world,” says CEO of Kirk Kapital, Kim Gulstad.

The entire ground floor will be open to the public, where citizens from home and abroad will be able to enjoy a number of artworks created by Olafur Eliasson.

“In my work with Havneøen and the domicile of Kirk Kapital A/S in Vejle, I have tried to find a simple organic expression. It should feel and experience as if the buildings could have emerged out of themselves and give rise to a unique interaction between water and light, space and people. I think that has been successful, and I am very excited to use the building”, says Olafur Eliasson.

To mark the city’s new work of art, Kirk Kapital invites everyone to a festive inauguration on June 9th 2018, where there will be entertainment for both children and adults.

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