Edith & Godtfred Kirk Christiansens Fond supports a wide range of cultural and ecclesiastical projects both in Denmark and internationally. One of the foundation's biggest projects is the establishment and operation of an SOS Children's Village in Jimma, Ethiopia. Here you can read more about the foundation, its work and some of the many projects that the foundation has supported.


Edith & Godtfred Kirk Christiansens Fond was founded in 1978 with the purpose of supporting generally charitable tasks, including church purposes.

The many different projects are chosen on the initiative of the board of directors of the foundation. Contributions from Edith & Godtfred Kirk Christiansens Fond cannot be applied for.

The foundation supports and has supported numerous social, ecclesiastical and cultural projects in Denmark and internationally, including:

  • projects focusing on children and families
  • ecclesiastical projects aimed at strengthening Christian values ​​and a Christian philosophy of life, e.g. art projects and teaching projects
  • social projects, especially children in disadvantaged homes or in troubled families
  • integration of new people in society and socially vulnerable citizens
  • cultural projects, including teaching projects, art exhibitions and dissemination
  • research projects if the project has obtained support and quality assessment from either a research institution or research foundation
  • support for the community in Vejle, Denmark and the surrounding area


The foundation’s values
​​derive from the basis of the founding family:

  • social responsibility
  • entrepreneurial and innovative
  • quality
  • tolerance
  • personal freedom
  • respect
  • care
  • a Christian view of life


The projects range from a SOS Children's Village in Ethiopia to religious and social work in Denmark. Below is a selection of projects supported by the foundation.

SOS Børneby in Jimma, Ethiopia

Edith & Godtfred Kirk Christiansens Fond has funded the establishment of an SOS Children's Village in Jimma, Ethiopia. SOS Børnebyerne is a humanitarian organization that gives orphaned and abandoned children a family, a safe home and helps them to create their own future. The children's city of Jimma is home to 150 children aged 0-14 years. Here the vulnerable children have a home, a family and the possibility of a future. The town consists of 15 family houses, where the children can live with the grownups. In connection with the children's village there is a school for 600 pupils, partly from the children's village, partly from the middle class and partly a group of poor children who get a scholarship. In addition, an existing kindergarten has been moved to the children's village for the children from the village and the surrounding community.

A selection of other projects supported by the foundation over the years

  • Museet for Religiøs Kunst, Lemvig
  • Børn, Unge & Sorg, Aarhus
  • Center for ADHD, Aarhus
  • GAM3, København
  • Løgumkloster Refugium
  • Efterskolen for Scenekunst, Malling
  • Psykologisk Institut, Aarhus Universitet - Angstklinikken

Edith and Godtfred Kirk Christiansen