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Kirk Kapital acquires 45 pct. of the company Danske Stenhuggerier A/S. Danske Stenhuggerier is the leading supplier of tombstones in Denmark. The investment is made as a part of Danske Stenhuggerier’s wish to exploit the company’s international potential.

Danske Stenhuggerier is the largest supplier of tombstones in Denmark and the company has operations in Denmark, Norway and Germany. The stones are processed locally and are delivered according to individual customer preferences.


Danske Stenhuggerier has in the recent years established operations in Norway and Germany and the partnership with Kirk Kapital opens up to new opportunities.


The partnership with Danske Stenhuggerier appealed to us because it partly represents an opportunity to ensure that we keep this traditional business in Danish hands. At the same time, the partnership opens up to the opportunity to accelerate the growth further especially internationally and through acquisitions,” says Kim Gulstad, CEO of Kirk Kapital.


Danske Stenhuggerier focuses on memories and people.


Our focus is on preserving fond memories for the relatives. We have been doing this for more than three decades. The company’s many skilled employees, great partners and I intend to continue this in the years to come. I see the interest from Kirk Kapital as a “stamp of approval” of our work and I look forward to the new collaboration, which gives us the strength to be even more present locally and at the same time invest internationally,” says Carsten Nørmark Christensen founding partner and CEO of Danske Stenhuggerier.


The other current owner of Danske Stenhuggerier is also looking forward to the partnership with Kirk Kapital.


“We look forward to the partnership with Kirk Kapital. It was important to us to find a family-owned partner who will cherish the values and success of Danske Stenhuggerier and all that has been built up over many years. In addition, Kirk Kapital will actively contribute to the development of the company in the future,“ says Carsten Sjørvad, CEO of JJO Invest ApS, who since 2010 has been a partner in Danske Stenhuggerier.


In relation to the transaction, Carsten Sjørvad enters as the Chairman of the board. Jacob Eiskjær Olsen and Carsten Nørmark Christensen will continue as board members. Andreas Færk and Emilie Bjørnekær Rosenkvist will enter the board representing Kirk Kapital.


Contact Information:

Carsten Nørmark Christensen, CEO of Danske Stenhuggerier, 23 73 19 00

Morten Huse Eikrem-Jeppesen, PressConnect for Kirk Kapital, 53 85 07 70


About Danske Stenhuggerier

Danske Stenhuggerier was established in 1983 in Nørre Snede located in the middle part of Jutland, where the company still has its main office and part of its production. Amongst the founders was the 18-year old Carsten Nørmark Christensen, who is the current CEO.Danske Stenhuggerier is Denmark’s largest supplier of natural stone and produces tombstones in all styles with the highest handcrafted qualities by skilled Danish stonemasons. With more than 70 stores in Denmark, the company knows local traditions and local regulation that must be taken into consideration when creating a personal tombstone or other memorials. Danske Stenhuggerier places emphasis on maintaining, developing and spreading the knowledge of the stonemasonry profession as a true craft with roots in Danish tradition.


About JJO Invest

JJO Invest is a family-owned investment company owned by the Olesen family. JJO Invest owns the construction company NRE Group A/S and the real estate company NRE Real Estate A/S among other investments. The Olesen family has since 2010 been an active part of the ownership of Danske Stenhuggerier, and Jacob Olesen will continue as a board member.