Kirk Kapital has sold its shareholding in Alliance+ to Polaris

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Polaris invited Kirk Kapital to join Alliance+ as minority shareholder back in 2014. Kirk Kapital has now chosen to divest its shareholding to Polaris.


Unfortunately, the underlying financial development in Alliance+ has not played out as expected.


‚ÄúI would like to thank the current management for its huge effort, even though the underlying financial development has not been as expected. I would like to pay particular attention to Alliance+‚Äôs generally high employee- and customer satisfaction. I wish Alliance+ and the management all the best for the future‚ÄĚ says Kirk Kapital‚Äôs CEO, Kim Gulstad.


The transacted share price is undisclosed. The sale will not affect Kirk Kapital’s annual accounts for 2021, as a value adjustment of the shareholding in Alliance+ was made in the annual accounts for 2017.


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