Fredericia Skurvogne was founded in 1961 with a vision to deliver quality solutions to the construction industry. 50 years later, the name was changed to Mobilhouse as part of a transformation from being a producer of construction site trailers to becoming a leader in the sale and rental of high quality, aesthetic and flexible modular constructions for various types of customers and purposes.

In November 2022, Kirk Kapital led a consortium to acquire Mobilhouse, marking another pivotal moment in the company’s journey. With support from Kirk Kapital and a consortium of investors, Mobilhouse transitioned into Conrum, emerging as a Danish leader in flexible modular constructions.

Our partnership

Our partnership with Conrum owes its success to the values that underpin both our businesses: focus on quality, a shared commitment to sustainability, and an emphasis on teamwork and community. As with all our investments, our partnership is characterized by collaborative decision-making, where we work closely with executive management and the board to chart a course for growth and innovation.


Acquisition of peer

Acquisition of peer

Less than a year into the partnership, in July 2023, Mobilhouse, with support from Kirk Kapital, made a significant acquisition by acquiring their respected peer, Dalsgaard. Dalsgaard produces, sells, and rents out advanced temporary and permanent modular constructions with a state-of-the-art production facility in Vejle. This strategic move united two esteemed brands under one robust conglomerate, poised to lead the Danish market with a focus on flexible and certified solutions. The consolidated entity achieved a combined revenue exceeding DKK 300 million in 2023.


New brand

With the ambition to set new standards in the industry, the group is unified in 2024 under a new brand, Conrum. The vision for the group is to meet the needs for space and room through the design, construction, and circulation of temporary and permanent modular constructions. Conrum will be working towards shaping the future of flexible modular constructions, contributing to the evolution of building traditions. With 70 years of experience in creating Danish-produced, flexible constructions, they are professionals through and through. Conrum‚Äôs aim is to deliver the finest modular constructions in the market, coupled with unparalleled service, while meeting their customers’ desires and needs ‚ÄĒ even those they didn’t know they had.

Investment thesis

With rapid population growth and urbanization trends, the demand for public and private construction projects continues to surge. Temporary modular constructions offer a timely and efficient solution to address these pressing needs. Population growth and city expansions increases the need for flexible infrastructure where temporary modular constructions provide the agility necessary to adapt to evolving urban environments. Their modular nature allows for swift deployment and reconfiguration, ensuring that infrastructure can keep pace with changing demands.

The rental business model offers distinct advantages. Used constructions can be refurbished and repurposed, extending their lifespan and maximizing return on investment. The sustainability-driven approach aligns with growing environmental consciousness, as the structures are often built with recycled materials, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Conrum’s core competences in aesthetic and responsible modular construction, along with its strong organization, and strategic locations in the Triangle Region and Zealand, position the company to participate in the long-term market growth.

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