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Kirk Kapital acquires 35 pct. of TPS Rental Systems (“TPS”), thereby becoming an active minority owner with a seat on the board of directors.

Kirk Kapital invests in TPS, a global supply chain company that provides end-to-end solutions based on IBC containers to various sectors, including cosmetics, food and beverages.

“We are pleased to be part of the TPS ownership, and we are looking forward to contributing to the growth that the company has experienced in recent years. TPS fits well with Kirk Kapital’s strategy to invest larger minority positions into robust, well-established and well-run companies. We see immense potential in companies that support the globally growing food consumption, and TPS has an interesting exposure to this trend”, says CEO of Kirk Kapital, Kim Gulstad.

TPS is headquartered in Birmingham, England, with Rob Pearce as CEO, however the shareholder group is mainly Danish, including former CEO of DFDS, Thorleif Blok, as chairman of the board.

“TPS has shown an impressive double-digit growth in recent years and with additional capital the foundation is now in place to ensure continued long-term growth” says the chairman of the board.

“We are proud to have a long-term investor in the form of Kirk Kapital. They understand our forward-looking plans, and in addition to the capital that Kirk Kapital brings to ensure future growth, we are also looking forward to benefitting from the new skills that are now being added to the board.” says Rob Pearce, CEO of TPS.

About TPS

TPS is a global provider of end-to-end solutions of foldable IBC containers, Bag-In-Box liners / bags, container fittings, filling and emptying equipment. The company is located in ten countries, ensuring both local and international supply chains. TPS sells and leases IBC containers to different sectors, including cosmetics, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, speciality chemicals and a wide range of other niche industries.

Contact details

Thorleif Blok, Chairman of TPS, +45 21 67 53 81

Rob Pearce, CEO of TPS, +44 7967 652228

Morten Huse Eikrem-Jeppsen, PressConnect for Kirk Kapital, +45 53 85 07 70