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Kirk Kapital has employed Teis Knuthsen, 51, to be responsible for the company’s liquid investments. He gets the title of CIO, Financial Investments and joins immediately after leaving his current position.

Teis Knuthsen has worked as Investment Director at Saxo Privatbank A/S, where he has been employed since 2012. Previously, he has been Investment Director at Nykredit and Global Head of FX Research at Danske Bank.

Kim Gulstad, CEO of Kirk Kapital is glad that they have managed to attract Teis Knuthsen.

‚ÄúWe are getting an experienced and highly competent man in the lead of Kirk Kapital‚Äôs liquid investments. For several years, Teis Knuthsen has shown that he is one of the country‚Äôs most talented in his field, and he fits perfectly into the setup in Kirk Kapital. So, I am really looking forward to him starting his work here‚ÄĚ, says Kim Gulstad.

Teis Knuthsen is looking forward to starting at Kirk Kapital.

‚ÄúI have followed the restructuring that Kim Gulstad has made in Kirk Kapital with great interest, since he joined earlier this year. I therefore look forward to being part of the team, that has to ensure that Kirk Kapital can benchmark itself with the country‚Äôs best, when it comes to ensuring a good risk-weighted return,‚ÄĚ Teis Knuthsen says.

Kirk Kapital has its focus on Strategic Investments and Financial Investments. The two business areas are approximately of equal size.

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